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New Nasty Juice Ballin Series 60ml


Nasty Juice are without a doubt  the biggest E-Liquid brand in the world right now thanks to their unreal  flavor profiles and edgy branding. Ballin’ is the latest offering from the  Nasty team, and the 4 new citrus-based flavors they have created certainly  live up to the Nasty reputation.

Expertly crafted in Malaysia, the  Ballin’ range comes in a 50ml Shortfill bottle shaped like cocktail mixer. Inside the bottle is a ball bearing, which is not only a cool marketing tactic but also serves to thoroughly mix the liquid when shaking, just like with a real cocktail  mixer. This ensures you always get the absolute best flavor when vaping.

Nasty Juice Ballin’  E-Liquids are a high VG E-Liquid, with a 70VG/30PG ratio.

Nasty Juice Ballin’ E-Liquids come in a 60ml bottle at a 0mg nicotine strength and are one of many E-Liquids which now come in a format known as ‘Shake & Vape’, or ‘Shortfill’. There is 50ml of E-Liquid allowing room for 1 x 10ml Nicotine Shot (Nic Shot), which when added will create 60ml of E-Liquid at a 3mg strength. It is important to thoroughly shake the liquid to properly mix the nicotine.

Bloody Berry by Nasty Juice is a pleasurable taste of berry mixed up with lemon to give a sweet acrid jolt. Once you inhale the berry flavour it’s a dazzlingly haunting exhale!

Hippie Trail by Nasty Juice is a true citrus experience. With all the fresh, juicy citrus flooding the fruit stands right now it seems the perfect time to vape on the Hippie Trail powered by vitamin C. This lemon and lime based juice is so refreshing you might get goose bumps.

Migos Moon by Nasty Juice is a blend of orange mixed with sour lemon. These flavours have then been blended together with lemonade to give a grateful orange kick. The taste of sour orange gives a mouthful of delicious yet refreshing vapour when you exhale it.

Passion Killa by Nasty Juice offers a triple up passion fruit taste. Blended together to sooth all the original taste of fragrantly sweet, with a pleasantly tart tang and is very juicy. A tropical fruit that can give you a killer kick!